Georg Buljo


Georg Buljo is a Norwegian/Saami singer, musician, multiinstrumentalist, composer and producer. Sami cultural heritage is the keystone to his music-making and the yoik is the pillar in his vocal expression.

As a sideman, musician and composer Buljo has a remarkable and many-sided career, but since 2010 he has been focusing on solo work and singing/yoiking. His solo debut album ‘Saxapahaw’ (after a native American tribe) explores the traditional singing form of the Sami people, the yoik. Buljo mixes this with musical influences from around the world with a focus on deep drones and soundscapes, frame drums as well as percussion and strings. He is noted for numerous projects and concerts with his own group as well as doing vocal work, guitar and percussion with Mari Boine’s larger group, tours with the Sami singer and poet Niko Valkeapää has his own music label Duippidit which releases Sami music and runs a recording studio in Oslo. In 2014 he was selected as “Sami Musician of The Year”, and in 2015 he was artist in residence at Arctic Arts Festival in Harstad, Norway. Georg Buljo has a focus on human communication through his music and he thinks that song, melodies and rhythms are some of the most important ways to do this.