Gusztáv Balogh


Gusztáv Balogh is a singer and guitarist, an outstanding performer of inventive world music, as well as both urban and traditional Roma music.

He grew up in the embrace of Roma tradition, in a community where music and dance were part of everyday life. His talent showed early on: at the age of six he was already singing and playing the guitar with relish. His family moved to Budapest when he was eight, giving Gusztáv the opportunity to take in a multitude of musical influences. His love for flamenco dates from here, as well as his appreciation of the music of other cultures, folk, rock and pop. Today he excells as a manouche jazz singer, among other genres. He has made music with names such as Kálmán Balogh, Fabula Rasa Orchestra, joined bands like East Gipsy Band and Vojasa, adding his personal touch and unique talent to the living tradition of Roma music.