Tuula Sharma Vassvik

The Sami are related to Hungarians, even if the connection is no doubt remote: Vassvik comes from Gamvik, a coastal village in Norway 4000 kms away from Budapest, the northernmost point in Europe accessible on land. The barren environment proved resilient against assimilatory efforts, elements of ancient sami culture live on to this day. Vassvik creates an inspired mix of ancient and new; a contemporary soundscape coupled with natural instruments and yoik: arguably the oldest continuous musical form in Europe. Through Vassvik’s music nature and the world of our ancestrors come to life, don’t miss the magic at Budapest Ritmo.




Vassvik: age-old yoik and guitar

Norwegian Sami Vassvik found a perfect setting on Müpa’s Theatre Stage where refined acoustics supported the intimate rendition of ancient yolks. Violin and cello encompassed vocals and guitar by Vassvik making for a unique experience: reconnecting to roots through music and making it resonate across cultures.