Voices of Spirits concerts

At the rehearsals Sami and Roma musicians communicated in English and through music. As a result, Georg Buljo, Per Willy Aaserud, Tibor Balogh, Gusztáv Balogh and József Csurkulya created music bearing the marks of both traditions, yet novel and utterly enjoyable. It gathered an audience first at the Farmers’ Market in Városmajor, where shoppers and those coming to the concert visibly appreciated the fruit of this unique project.

Yoiks and throat singing accompanied by electric guitar – Georg Buljo invoked sounscapes of the North, to which Gusztáv Balogh (voice, guitar) and Tibor Balogh (wooden trough) added fiery rhythm and melodies. Diverse instruments played along to balanced effect: ingenious cimbalom by József Csurkulya and jazzy trumpet by Aaserud blended in seamlessly. The farmers’ market proved a welcoming setting, where the unique melodies found their audience.

In the evening professionals attending Budapest Ritmo had the chance to experience the concert by Sami and Roma musicians. The material, even and evocative, won praise also in Mupa. The quality of the show was largely down to the skill and open minded approach of the musicians, as listeners could attest. The concert was a rare musical treat proving how music can communicate and create across cultures.